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High School and Blackmailed Weddings

Posted By Lindsb on Apr 30, 2007 at 12:55PM

Okay, last night I had the most bizarre dream..

It started with me transferring to a new High School and no one would help me find my classes (damn them).. I ended up missing my first two classes and trying to open the lock on my locker - I look over and my actual locker buddy from High School, Nick, was in my dream! Haha.. He was super annoyed, but helped me open the lock..

Then I went to a drive in/swimming hole with my friend and this jock kept picking on us and made our lives hell.. I tried to catch him doing something (what I was trying to catch him at I can't remember today) but, in the midst.. I got caught by his dad and my friend was waiting for me forever. She was so pissed by the time I got back to drive her home.

So.. in a weird twist.. The father has trapped me into marrying his jock son. All the sudden, his son is my first serious boyfriend - Jonathan. I am so mad.. but I have to.. and then I'm overcome with sadness. So, we end up having this huge wedding - and while we're getting ready to be introduced at the reception, my cousin (very close to me) calls and warns me that my recent ex boyfriend has shown up with his new girlfriend.. and wants me to be prepared.. I was surprised that I wasn't sad though (In my real life.. I've been dealing with this.. him moving on immediately, having tons of options and I'm struggling to find someone dateable.. grr).

I was actually okay with it.. and all the sudden warmed to my new husband (1st serious boyfriend.. ) and then it totally turned into a sex dream!!!!! WTF!?? Hahaha.. I totalllllly hit the snooze button.

Seriously - such a bizarro dream. But.. any dream that ends like that, phew, is welcome.

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Letting Go?

Posted By superjules on Mar 12, 2007 at 9:36AM

I had a dream the other night that a woman escaped from the psych ward and somehow got a gun and went to the food court at the Base Exchange (which is our version of a tiny Walmart) and started blowing people away. I was across the street walking towards the BX when the cops stopped me and told me what happened. I naturally lost my sh*t because Chelsea is there virtually every day at lunch and after school. The officer in charge showed me a list of the dead and one of the names was Chelsea but it was spelled Chelsie and had a different last name. I was so relieved I fell to my knees and started bawling my eyes out. I woke up crying and my pillow was all wet. It was really weird. Dan thinks it's because I'm afraid of "losing" my daughter. Her going away to college and all. What do you think?

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So then i kicked my best friend's roomate in the stomach....

Posted By LizaToad on Mar 12, 2007 at 8:28AM

Well, I had another one of my odd and somewhat violent dreams... i think it's because i over-slept...

Here's the dream:

My BF's mom comes over to our house and we all go together for dinner. My best friend is there too and so is her awful awful roommate.... (this girl is crazy.... a total nutter in the worst way possible).

It's raining outside and i'm starting to get upset. Before i know what's happening i'm yelling at the evil roommate. then she pulls my hair, then i kick her in the stomach... WOAH.....

Then it's time for dessert, but i'm very confused b/c for someone reason i'm brought four different pairs of shoes with me and i can't decide which one i should wear for dessert. My bf is apologizing to the waiter for me, saying that i can NEVER decide which shoes to wear for dessert.

Then the bill comes and it's $694 per person. Then we go outside and try to catch a cab in the rain....

Weird, huh?

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killer dream

Posted By Mandi B. on Mar 3, 2007 at 5:54AM

Ok so last night i dreamt that I had died. Actually, someone had died, not me, (yet). This person was a friend, and I was trying to prove that it couldn't have been an accident by subjecting myself to all of the theories everyone had...and I was fine. This was occurring in a big concert hall that had a pool at tehe nd of the stage, so that there could be a diving troop later. The girl who died was part of a dance troop that had performed duringa dinner show. So, her coworkers, obvi mad that I was saying, and proving quite well, that she didn't die by accident, decided to have me take her place. In the dream i was very thin and flexible, and they started the show and were forcing me into certain ballet steps and twirls, and at the end invited me out to dinner. As we were walking up the stairs to leave, I realized what had happened to my friend; she was pushed down the stairs...and as I turned back around to follow her friends, i was confronted by the head dancer. Then someone called and woke me up, but I am pretty sure he pushes me as well. Do I live or die? The work may never know lmao

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New Group: Dreams!

Posted By LizaToad on Feb 23, 2007 at 9:20AM

Hi everyone, i started this suite so everyone could feel free to share any interesting dreams they may have had....

Make sure to PRIVATE any you don't want CERTAIN OTHERS to see

Sweet Dreams!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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